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tv   Viewpoint  Current  April 3, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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muslims. do you want us to do it again? ben, thank you for helping us with the show. "viewpoint" with john fugelsang is next. [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> john: three states moved close for banning all abortions this week. that means once they're outlaws gay marriage and mexican immigrants is the only way that those states republicans can ever raise campaign funds. and also it's move to decriminalize cannabis is heating up. a st. louis tea party police sergeant is penalized by his precinct for advocating a change in the laws. and ppp does a very special poll of american conspiracy theories and who believes what. we'll explore with elaine boosler and lizz winstead.
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the result will make you want to find your passport. today is the 89th birthday of marlon brando and the great singer and musician from the band richard manuel would have been 70, and eddie murphy is 52. and today marks the 40 year anniversary of the first ever hand-held mobile cell phone call tomorrow marks the 40 year anniversary of the first spam for free ringtones this is "viewpoint." >> john: i'm john fugelsang. good evening, this is "viewpoint." the overwhelming gender gab in last november's election may have allowed democrats to feel like they had won the national war on women. but it is the republicans who are waging and winning the battles of women's reproductive freedom at the local level--state by state. in alabama a bill passed the senate yesterday that will limit access to abortions by requiring that doctors who provide the
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procedure also have to have the ability to admit patients into local hospitals something that local hospitals are sure to make nearly impossible. in order, if we don't allow women to have doctors we don't allow women to have a choice. in indiana, the house passed a bill yesterday requiring all clinics that administer the morning after bill to also have surgal facilities on the premise. forcing at least one planned parenthood facility to close and severely burdening others. and in kansas, at the site a new on bus abortion went through the senate that defines personhood at the point of fertilization. even if we allow women a choice, we're going to shame those women
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for making it. all these bills come on the heels of a new and unprecedented legislation adopted in arkansas and north dakota in recent weeks that bans abortions at 12 weeks and 6 weeks respectively. these lawmakers can't stop women from having abortions. but they can stop them from having those abortions safely and legally. we'll be joined by a bril janet trio of women whose comments we will definitely not restrict in any way. first the brilliant irin carmon and comedian elayn boosler and lizz winstead. some of these laws were deliberately designed to be so severe that they make less severe but also restrictive laws seem not all that bad. can you elaborate. >> they're basically two schools of, you know, restricting women's rights here. they all have the same end but they have different ways of
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getting there. somebody like in arkansas and north dakota, when they pass these six-week bans and the 20-week bans, the bans before women know they know they're pregnant, they are not going to be enforced. you can't ban abortions until viability, that's the status quo that we have now. but what ends up now, it's not sexy to talk about hospital regulations, and those are the laws that people within the anti-choice movement movement want to chip away slowly and they have a game plan. it looks reasonable. hey, what's this--what's the problem with just getting a surgical facility? are you a back alley butcher? it's easier to rally people around a six-week ban. >> john: full disclosure, anyone
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has a right to fight for any laws they want. and if you think a law is wrong you have the right to try to ban it. however, all you're really doing is guaranteeing any abortions that happen will not be done safely and legally. if we were really serious, we would be serious about birth control. >> the restrictions are made up. they're not medically necessary. if you ask people why they're passing them, it's not to make women safer. >> john: lizz, i want to go to you on this. you toured last year. >> i'm still touring it hasn't stopped. >> john: in support of planned parenthood. why are we seeing a rash of new legislation right now? is it just a coincidence? is there a concerted effort to make something happen on the state level? >> i think to me the question is why are we just paying attention to it now? it's not just now. this has been happening--really since hr 1 failed, which was
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when the congress took over in 2011 and tried to defund planned parenthood and it failed on a federal level. the state houses around the country really started hammering home and its whack whaca-amo. saying hey guess what, you can regulate as long a there's is no "unundue" burden. when you look at the legislation for 72 hour waiting bans and six-week laws, and 12-week laws. i don't know who looks at these and doesn't say undue burden. it's insane. what i don't understand is when people are at the table and what they say is, we want to reduce the number of abortions the way we want to do that is remove all access to birth birth control. those people shouldn't have a seat at the table. that's who is saying these
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things. remember the age of abstinence? no no, you don't because there wasn't one. >> john: it doesn't work. abstinence works. abstinence education doesn't work. we don't have an abortion problem. we have a pregnancy problem and an abortion symptom. we can get the liberals together and work how do we stop unwanted pregnancies, then you'll see stuff happen, but you won't see people getting elected. we can presume most of these will be tied up in court and appeals for many years. they won't get around to banning abortion in these states any time soon. do you think anyone who studies this closely are these politicians serious or they putting on a lot of theater to get the votes and raise the funds. >> well, i had an abortion on the way over. >> john: did you? >> yes, an abortion on demand. it's my favorite phrase. i walk in a garage, i demand an abortion. >> it's chiefer than hbo on
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demand. it is. >> yes wrestling. they're passing the most ridiculous laws on earth to get to the supreme court. they want to overturn roe. it's the only thing that will wipe it out once and for all. the more laws that are put up, the closer they will get to a supreme court hearing. the thing that is fascinating to me is the great hypocrisy these people all campaigning against gay marriage, and they said it's because their study shows a child only does well raised in a home with a mother and a father yet they're trying to pass laws that give a million birth a year to young single women in their 50's with no fathers at all. >> john: the gay imager and abortionabortion--gay marriages and abortion have in common, jesus never mentioned either in the bible. if some of these states were successful in closing every abortion clinic in the state. how would they raise money?
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abortion is such a money-making racket for politicians. >> you're hitting on something. the republicans have a much bigger problem which is their constituency of fat angry white men is shrinking but abortion is something that they really care about. there are some issues like gay marriage that they're not able to use in the same way and the same volume as they did before. abortion there is a small angry organized group of people who oppose it. the majority of americans want abortion to be safe and legal. but there are enough people who are motivated over the idea of a woman having autonomy over her body. you mentioned hr 1. the house of representatives mirrors what you have in the state house which is these republicans voters are so motivated to show off for state legislature elections and off year elections partly because they're really angry about what is happening to this country what they believe is happening to this country includes women
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have the right to decide if they want to be mothers or not. >> john: i have to say something to our abortion right friends. they don't do it because they hate womennish they want to protect unborn fetus. the thing is these people support the death penalty. they're not pro-life. if you have a pro-life liberal who is against euthanasia and death penalty. >> youyou have kids who are being thrown out of head start and they don't want birth control to be covered under insurance. pro-life is access to healthcare access to education. j what about the plight of women who live in these states or might live in these states. do you think it's not good for a state economy that you advertise to women that this is not a good state to live in? >> i just think when you advertise that you don't care
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about a woman's understanding--you think that you know better than a woman her economic standing what decisions she should make about her body, her medical decisions whatever. i would counter your point. >> john: please. >> it's scientifically proven a person who is going to be executed is a person. you know, a bunch of cells--medically a fetus if you define it as a person, that's what your religion tells you it is. >> cenk: in the bible says until they take their first breath they are not a person. >> that's exactly right. i often feel when we have these conversation about abortion, and we said in the past two years it's been ratcheted up to life of the mother, incest survivor, rape. it's kind of like if we decide there are good abortions and bad abortions we're shaming women who are having healthy sex lives who get pregnant, and for whatever reason they choose not
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to have a pregnancy in america i would like that to be valid. >> john: we have to go to break. i want to add that chris christie believes women who end pregnancies deserve to go to jail. thank you for your time on this segment. lizz and elane will be sticking around with us. you'll learn that freedom of speech does not apply to cops and pot lives laws. they think this world isn't big enough for the both of them.
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but we assure you - it is. bites. little greatness.
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>> john: welcome back. the horror show of the day. and its taking place in mayflower, arkansas. where people were sending videos of the huge spill of heavy crude. the resident who took this footage said the smell is unbelievable. an aerial photographer adam randall said the reek is overwhelming, even at his high altitude. after this footage was taken the faa for bid flying over the area. which means my friends either its toxic at an extremely high
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height or it's just something your government does not want you to see. oh here is the horror sequel. oil change international said this sludge in the pipeline technically counts as heavy crude, not oil. so transporting it doesn't require regular payments into our national cleanup fund. meaning, less money for future disasters. it's a tax loophole that applies to the tar sands running through keystone pipeline. keep that in mind come election day. it's non-for police officers in st. louis to moon light for second jobs. for gary, that job happened to be as a lobbyist. he worked for the tea party for several years and that was never an problem for his department. when he asked about taking on more lobbying work, they approved it. then they found out that he worked for "show me cannabis." now a man who was on the force
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for 34 years was not asking people to break pot laws or getting rid of pot laws. he was asking to treat small possession busts like a traffic ticket rather than a misdemeanor. now they revoked their approval. it was okay when he tried to change federal laws with the tea party, but cannabis laws don't bring me in. let's bring in his lawyer. they're now suing the st. louis police department for infringing on the officer's first amendment rights. >> john: thank you for joining me this evening. >> it's a pleasure to be here. >> john: it's a pleasure to have you. the sergeant is under a gag order from his department? >> for those of you who believe that the first amendment is alive and well? think twice. a 32-year veteran has been ordered, directed and mandated to not say a word to any media about this matter. >> john: let me ask you. what do you think motivated his precinct to forbid him from
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taking on this lobbying job. >> as in the case in any manner, motivation can be looked at the flow of money. the st. louis police department despite the fact that the city fathers are trying to pass an ordinance virtually identity to that which the sergeant was attempting to lobby for on the state level is not pleased with it. the department wants to make sure they maintain control over drug busts because they are able to seize the drug money that is found at the time of the arrests. and unlike missouri state law which requires that money to go to public education the city police department turns it over to the feds, who through their protocall handle the forfeiture and kickback 80% of the money to the police department for use by the department with no strings attached. >> john: it's no huge secret that the confiscation of this contraband is huge money.
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but the sergeants are going after small possession. guys with joints in their pocket pockets it spares the force from a lot of paperwork. is the concern that eventually this would be so popular there would be widespread call for decriminalization and they would lose their swag? >> that's part of it. another part of it is do not be shocked when you find out not an insignificant amount of drug money seizures take place in small amounts of marijuana including residue in a pot pipe. that proximity, no matter how small the marijuana quantity is permits state and federal authorities to seize small quantities of money. sometimes large quantities. >> john: as a comedian, i've been asked to do fundraisers around the country. when i've done them i've met
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tons and tons of law enforcement officials, including judges who want to reform america's cannabis laws. is this a large group sir? >> no, i think on a--it would shock--it would shock the public to know that a very significant percentage of our judiciary of our law enforcement both state federal municipal, truly believe the resources of this nation are better spent addressing other issues rather than possession of small amounts of personal consumption marijuana. >> john: let's talk about other issues. what sort of political activities has the sergeant been doing over the year lobbying for the tea party. >> he has lobbied for the tea party but in addition he has maintained a radio program that is called "cop talk" that addresses a wide range of sensitive matters including internal struggles that the police department is having, a scandal with a towing company that brought down a
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commissioner. a scandal with world series tickets being taken from scalpers and used by law enforcement. he has been outspoken about it. that little thing called the first amendment of our constitution, something worthy of respect. >> john: isn't the change for pot laws being considered for the city of st. louis itself. >> yes missouri already has that law in affect. this is not out of the order. it's just not something that the police want. >> john: albert watkins is the attorney representing the sergeant. i'm sorry he could not be here. thank you for speaking for him. a pleasure to have you. >> thank you. >> john: now we're joined which frank conniff and bringing back elayne boosler and lizz winstead. i'mi find this story so funny and i'm glad i have three people who
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are smarter to help me process it. it's only been illegal since the 19 30's. >> you cross the drug companies. they're the hugest lobbying part of america that we have. you're never going to be able to cross them. >> wouldn't the drug companies want to get in on it? wouldn't they want to start selling pot if it were legal? they would probably take it over and then complain how corporate marijuana is. >> john: if pfizer could take a little pill and then call it a drug for the first time. >> would pfizer take it over or philip morris. >> it would be the first time that pot has a side-effect and you would have to listen to that. >> i actually--i'm for not legalizing pot just for that reason. just so i don't have to see women dancing wearing diapers or whatever else happens. >> john: i support legalization of all drugs just for the commercials. >> the surgeon general warning
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would--sorry i forgot what the warning would be. >> john: this is liberty this is states rights. this is a tea party activist. this is a guy where rand paul could come to his defense and stand up for him. >> civil liberties has always been a bizarre row definition definition{^l"^^}. in north dakota we talk about a six week ban on abortion. you don't have to wear a seat belt. that's taking away your rights. you can drive without a seat belt but it's insanity how they pick and choose. >> let's just tell them they can control our uterus when they pry it out of our cold dead bodies. >> john: that's right. we've been talking about marriage equality, and i think this is the next freedom issue for our country. >> i think you're right. >> john: the decriminalization of cannabis, not putting people in jail for something that our
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last three presidents have done. >> and they were all gay married, too. >> not to mention in this economy we don't make anything any more. we cannot live on a service-based economy forever, and to generate a product that you can tax the holy lord of jesus on and bring revenue in. >> john: you're right, and it's begun to help the california economy, not a ton but it's getting there. the only safe growth industries we have are medical cannabis and tattoo removal. >> and oil clean up. >> it seems a few years ago you might have thought that gay marriage was the more farfetched thing that would get this far as opposed to marijuana. well, marijuana changes changing marijuana laws seems to be a common law issue. >> john: jimmy carter ran on it, and then-- >> because everybody was drinking billy beer. >> they were upset about the solar panels. i think the scarier thing is you
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would get more people who didn't smoke pot talking to pot smokers into really bad ideas. you may run into that problem. we think it's bad now. >> john: if you legalize pot taco bell will be more popular than microsoft. are there any ideas that a police officer should not be allowed toeded advocate. >> police brutality. >> why do they read miranda rights. it's the only job in the world where they tell you how to get out of it. >> in america we protect the accused unless you're in gitmo. >> when they come in, it's going to be carmen miranda rights. >> did you really just say that. >> john: yeah, i need to-- >> that's a classic connif. >> john: what is the safest
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policy for marijuana. >> legalize it. >> john: tax the hell out of it. >> it's much safer than liquor and tax it, and make it welcome at the tables. >> legalize all drugs. one of the most harmful drugs of all, alcohol, is legal. it should all be legalled, regulate it. >> john: and pot was used as a painkiller. everybody knew what happened if you smoked the pot part of the plant. today, alcohol. i'm going to give my panel a little break. but frank connif, and elayne boosler, and lizz winstead will joining later in the show. but first the coach of rutgers a video that has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. that's coming up.
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>> john: tonight our wtf america series once again looks at idaho where a group of american survivalists are planning to construct a medieval fortress-style community in northeast idaho called the kit
5:29 pm
dell because their choice for a name aryan estates is already taken. research kerodin. he's taller now. a convicted felon who spent two and a half years in federal prison for extortion and illegal firearm possession, you know, guy stuff. if you desire a safe and healthy community, this is totally the guy you want running for your co-op board. the citadel is call for quote operatorric americans to come live together this acore dense with ideals of liberty set forth by thomas jefferson. saying quote living in our citadel community is incompatible with their existing ideology and preferred lifestyles. that's right don't you dare bring that unamerican freedom of expression lifestyle into the citadel. wtf, idaho, i love you but you have a reputation as a haven for
5:30 pm
survivalist cults, and it's a sure bet they're all competitive with each other. so what could be worse for a beautiful state like yours than a bunch of extreme right wing radicals always trying to keep up with the jim joneses.
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>> john: this weekend men's college basketball will crown a champion as the four remaining teams will play in the best tournament in sports. but today all eyes were on the rutgers men's basketball team. a team that finished below 500 and head coach mike rice. you see videos realized released by espn show rice using gay slurs while grabbing and kicking his players even at times hurling basketballs at them during practice. rutgers first became aware of
5:34 pm
rice's actions in november when former cannot eric mourdock showed clips to athletic director tim pernetti. at the time rice was find $50,000 and suspended for three games and forced to undergo angry management classes but four months later espn released the video, and rice was fired. >> i let so many people down. my players, my administration rutgers university the fans my family. there's no explanations for what's on those films. because there is no excuse for it. i was wrong. >> how politics has turned the sports world upside down. dave, thank you for coming on as always. >> great to be here. >> did coach rice deserve to be fired. >> something stinks in new jersey, and it's not chris christie's hamper.
5:35 pm
>> john: oh. >> boom, yes, he deserved to get fired. but this is not something for coach rice to have to bear alone. the athletic director tim pernetti all need to be looked at carefully for their leadership in this situation. let's be honest. the reason why coach rice was relieved of his duties. it was not because of homophobic throughs or physical abuse against the players. it was because it was caught on videotape. >> john: yep. >> and the videotape itself is what has brought a light on to rutgers and how this operation happened. this is not unlike decisions you and i had at penn state or scandals of university of miami. there is this bubble culture in college athletics where one would think anything goes. it's as if rules of the land, and then as soon as the slightest light of day is on what actually happens, you get scenes like you had outside of coach rice's house
5:36 pm
embarrassment. i believe his embarrassment is genuine but it's only because the rest of the country is looking at what he did and saying, are you serious. >> john: let me ask you because this reverberates all the way down to little league, this behaviorally coaches. coaches being violent with their behavior bobby knight. but bobby knight was given many chances before squandering all of them. if rice had been as successful as knight as a coach, would he have been fired? >> yes that plays a huge part of it. bob knight got a second chance, third chance and fourth chance but he finally lost his job at the indiana university when he put his hands around the neck of a player. it's the same analogy. video is released. people are appalled, and all
5:37 pm
those legendary stories of bob knight is less cuddly when you see it for yourself. one of the first people who were approached for comment after coach rice lost his job was the family of tyler clemente. he took his own life after his roommate videotaped him with another young man. that type of thing would never have happened under bob knight. there is much less tolerance for homophobia and bullying and the damage it can cause. >> john: let me ask, and people need to go to youtube to hear how ugly the slurs were. but if young mr. clemente had not committed suicide at this university, would this be as big of a deal at rutgers? >> no, i will tell you why. it raises questions about the president. rutgers is a huge public university. it's a huge cash cow and a huge
5:38 pm
part of the section of new jersey's economy where it exists. so the fact that robert is having his job threatened, the fact that you have people in the democratic legislature saying can we eliminate part of the athletic department's budget because of their behavior, and what happened to clemente makes it such a sore spot. there is a revolt about in this taking place and it's not going to simmer down just because coach rice has had been handed his papers. >> john: they fined him. anger management training, and they showed only to suspend him and give him $50,000 fine. was he only fired because people got angry about this? >> yes absolutely. and it's not because tim pernetti is a great guy and wanted to give coach rice a second chance.
5:39 pm
it's when athletic directors make their choices in hiring coaches, they're putting their own job on the line. they sign them for many years for a lot of money at a state college. you want to give them every chance to be a success. coach rice was not a success and it put pernetti's job on the line. you have people in power saying, okay, let's just try to make this work. let's try to keep--let's try to keep the boat afloat as long as possible because all of us are on board, and all of us are going to sink if it goes down. unfortunately as we learn time and again, the cover up is often worse than the crime. >> john: dave, before we go, briefly, do you know anything about what the players' reaction has been and why it had to be an assistant coach that came forward and after that he was fired. >> that's why college players don't get paid. that's the reason why you don't have the best players on the final four teams walk out on court, take their sneakers off and say, unless i get a cut of
5:40 pm
this $11 billion i won't play. these scholarships are renewed on an annual basis. some players quit the team but it's rare to find a college athlete willing to speak out. >> always a pleasure. come to new york and sign my book, all right. >> sounds good. >> john: thank you. my panel of comedians return after the break to find out how crazy americans are. and americans are crazier than you thought before. we'll prove it. don't go away. nuance on it. in reality it's not like they actually care. this is purely about political grandstanding.
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>> john: i was going to go see that sarah palin film but i had other priorities and quit halfway through. welcome back to voa. on social media day i asked you what your favorite conspiracy theory is, and on facebook sandra fournier wrote the u.n. is coming to take your guns.
5:44 pm
come on, sandra, that is a crazy fringe conspiracy perpetuated by only a few disturbed gun nuts and most of the republican party leadership and they've only been doing it because of chemical trails after our government staged 9/11. if you have any comments tweet us at booth ctv or john fugelsang or use a "viewpoint" on facebook. if you're one of those people who looks around and thinks boy everyone in this country is crazy, you may be right. 28% of americans believe there is a secretive power conspiring to world the world. one in four people buy into the new world order conspiracy. not crazy enough for you? how about this one. according to the same poll, 13% of voters believe that problem is the antichrist.
5:45 pm
not that he might be, but he is. a belief also held by 5% of those who actually voted for him. sure others countries beat us in education, healthcare and income equality but when it comes to conspiracy theory we're number one. i am joined by a fun panel writer and comedian tv's frank conniff. and the comedian elayne boosler and lizz winstead. welcome back. this is so much fun to have you here. let's start with this poll. what do you make of conspiracy theory. 20% of republicans who voted for romney think that obama is the antichrist. 4% believe lizard people, lizards disguised as people were taking over the world. but there is one turtle in
5:46 pm
office, can we see that? i give you yerttle. lizz, are you surprised that there are many americans that are this crazy. >> this is so hilarious. they're so convinced that liberals are taking everything, and everybody is taking something from them. yet, they can't find their way off the couch to do anything? honestly everyone is motivated but you. if i look at my calendar, i'm trying to take the guns away on tuesday and this right away from you, i'm trying to close all the churches down. >> you're so busy. >> so busy. >> spanish, no english. if they would just get off the oh clutch. >> you're a biblical scholar wasn't the prophecy that the antichrist would be a moderate of amoderateaffable republican? >> john: we're going to get to that.
5:47 pm
but there were a few interesting opinions about the bush administration. 44% say they were intentionally misled by the bush administration about weapons of mass destruction. and they were clearly wrong about the wmds. are you surprised by that number? and bad intelligence. it's okay when it leads to 4,000 soldiers are sent to iraq. but when it goes to a video it's a cover up. >> they sent colin powell to the u.n. with yellowcake and he didn't even know that he was being used that day. >> i wouldn't--i wouldn't--i don't like how people let colin powell off the hook. that he went and he couldn't have known better. he is just as responsible i think as anyone. >> well, not for bad intelligence. i would settle for any intelligence right now. >> to go to the colin powell point, front line did an amazing
5:48 pm
piece. colin powell specifically made george--was it george--sit behind him. >> john: yes. >> during the entire u.n. presentation so that every time the camera was on him, george tenant would be behind him. >> someone to share the heat with. >> because george tenant said this is it. you know, we talk about conspiracy theories, we also have a congress--let's not forget--that said that pizza is a vegetable. the reality of stuff, how many people, i would like to know, believe todd akins point there is legitimate rape, and that women have secret magical things things. >> cenk: that's crazy opinions this is about crazy facts. this is one that is devastating. >> what is a crazy fact versus a crazy opinion. >> john: 38% of americans according to this poll still things that hussein was involved in the 9/11 attacks.
5:49 pm
after president obama comes out and says it, that he had no involvement, how can one out of four americans-- >> he said once that he wasn't, and he said a billion times he was. when you rebeat the law. >> john: and at 2:00 in the morning when they covered that story. >> right, because the truth is on page 68 and the lies are always on page one. >> the brilliant pundits and generals who told us all these lies about the war or rebeated lies that they investigated, no one would suffer for what they did. >> john: they still have their jobs. >> it makes sense that our public the more information we get, the more misinformation we get. it makes sense that the public would be misinformed. >> they judge information on world net daily as a legitimate thing, and that you would get on "viewpoint." >> like, bachmann will cite a
5:50 pm
fact, and it will be from like one of those-- >> do that when you say "fact." >> when bachmann said about obama at cpac was all from a website that was just some crazy guy making up stuff. >> john: 200 million a day to go to india. we want to move to another possibly. 60% of americans including 43% of gun owners themselves, continue to support stricter gun control regulations. 60% want stricter regulations and president obama in colorado called for a push for more gun control yet it's unclear that anything about get done despite the overwhelming will of the people. my question should or could the president be doing more than he's already doing? >> his speech today was brilliant, and it broke my heart that he has to explain common decency now because we don't have any more. he's talking about background checks. the only people who could be against background checks are
5:51 pm
people who stand to make money. >> selling guns to criminals. criminals or gun dialers. people must remember the nra consists of only 4 million people. they have the loudest voice in the world. you can drown them out folks. >> john: keep in mind it's not that even high of a number, they keep counting members if they're dead. >> even if they've been shot. >> john: yep. >> i think he genuinely found religion after newtown. all the gabby giffords nobody was done at all. >> except to expand gun laws. >> i think before he felt this was an issue i can't win and i'm not going to do anything about it. now he's doing something about it and his original worry about not being able to do something is unfortunately a lot of it is proving true because it is just so hard to make something that most of the public wants. >> john: exactly. >> don't give up. the photo starts and you have and--the
5:52 pm
vote starts and you have to let your congress person know about it. >> john: the president has been accused of not using the bully pulpit enough. i think the burden is on harry reid-- >> harry reid is this worst whip--this guy couldn't sell a bong at a convention. connot rally his caucus in a way that is profoundly--it's horrifying to watch. >> and the local joes of petty coat junction. >> john: harry reid is in a tight race in his state. he has decided not to reform the filibuster because he would rather be a senator in his 80s than doing the right thing. is that, too, hash? >> no, we need one longer term for everyone and no reruns. >> john: we'll be back after the break to pick apart one more crazy theory, the rapture. even if you're a bible fundamentalist, it's crazy
5:53 pm
balls. see new a second. the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything.
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>> john: welcome back. finally it's time for tonight's f-bomb. the latest ppp poll reveals that 13% of americans including 22% of mitt romney voters believe president obama is the antichrist. but believing obama is the demonic supernatural being is not nothing. some think that because his middle name is hussein. some think he's the antichrist because they watched the mini series and saw this guy who
5:57 pm
played satan who looks like him. overall, that mini series is whiter than albino mind school. this is all about rapture theology. the belief in the apocalypse and millions of right wing christians await the rapture so jesus can return and they can ignore his teachings all over again. the idea of the rapture has nothing to do with christianity. that word appears nowhere in the bible, and jesus never quotes from the left behind books. no, no one ever talked about it. millions of christians vanishing from the globe in one moment was never mentioned until 1830 when english clergymen john darby invented the rapture loosely based on a bible story. it's a bible fantastic fiction. darby's idea never took hold in england. but when he toured the states in the late 1800s americans ate the rapture talk up.
5:58 pm
and thousands of americans pour over the book of revelation to proof that the end of times are upon us. i got to say revelation is a fascinating read but very misunderstood. the character of john, john the narrator is not john the apostle. he's another guy named john who eight sh rooms. it's got nothing to do with the love and teachings of jesus and he saw horsemen, fire, and tribulation and it reads like the lyrics of the last two doors albums it's a fixation on the past and an obsession on the future. jesus was the most progressive revolutionaries of all time. he lace out his message helping the poor, the sick, and not waiting for a magazine express
5:59 pm
train reserved for one religious click. jesus said it, no one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven or kirk cameron's agent. the person who is selling you the rapture is just selling you themselves. rapture talk has nothing to do with salvation but conversion. i think the same people who think chuck norris is a great actor believes believes obama is an antichrist. it will be jesus coming back who is a homeless black guy who speaks zero english. cheer up, the rapture may be a racket but it's not the end of the world. i want to thank my panel frank conniff. >> check out my podcast. >> and elayne boosler. >> talents of joy. buy


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